onsdag 28. april 2010

My first parts arrived!

My dome arrived today. Im am so excited about this. After some inital cleanup i took some photos of it. The sales tax and customs declaration came to a whopping $81 total. Next time i will do the declaration myself.

Thanks to Cole and Daren for their high quality laser cut dome. It looks amazing. Cant wait to get start working on this baby... :P

lørdag 17. april 2010

First post

Ok here we go. I have started a journey toward a dream i had as a child. To have my own real life R2-D2 to play with. He impacted my childhood alot and inspired me with his unruly behavior.

This is the first of hopefully many posts as i build him. I have already researched alot on the subject and my first orders for parts have been processed. I am currently waiting for a C&D Laser cut dome and a Resin Radar Eye (Thanks to Builders and manufacturers Daren Murrer and Cole Horton and Mansugi.)

Meanwhile i have bought me a Dremel and i am researching materials, the techniques that go into droid building and i am getting involved on the R2 Builders community for knowledge and tips from seasoned builders. Ill keep this updated along with my worklog on the Builders forum, so ppl may see my progress. The work log might take a while before it gets up and running as i still have to get materials and tools, and start any actual building.